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As a teenager, she signed her school books with the initials of her maiden name, KaRa. An abbreviation became a nickname for selected friends and later a pseudonym (to avoid confusion with K-Pop crowned with an additional A) for the creative songwriter
Writing a good song requires just as much passion, patience and attention to detail as creating a new treat for the palate. KARAA likes to cook both, dishes and songs.
The longing "Time, Time, Time" was created on an unforgettable trip to Iceland, the travel-loving "Travel the World" during her Copenhagen studies and the frustration of the not-sexiness of a local train station is reflected in "Bhf Meidling".

The musical flavors are ranging between pop and soul and the stories are served in English and German. For example, the ESC winner song 2017 by Salvador Sobral "Amar Pelos Dois" becomes a "Love enough for us two" in the style of a Viennese waltz!

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