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For many years I have been sharing the joy of singing and my knowledge of the human voice with singers of all ages. I teach at the PMI (Popular Music Institute) of the Landesmusikschule Puchenau (Upper Austria)private lessons or can be be a tutor at seminars and workshops . The singer himself is always the centre of my attention.  My Philosphy is to bring out the best in you and help you performing with ease and express yourself thru music

In search of specific tools for vocal training I discovered the Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) by the Danish Singer and Researcher Catherine Sadolin. The Complete Vocal Technique owes its high quality to the 25 years of ongoing development and voice research by doctors, professional singers and vocal pedagogues. CVT offers voice-friendly, scientifically sound and effective solutions for all vocal styles from classical to heavy metal as well as quick help for non-illness-related voice problems.

As an authorized CVT teacher, I pass on my knowledge in individual lessons and workshops.

Karin Bachner is a member of the network of authorized CVT teachers in Austria



  • singing lessons at the Landesmusikschule Puchenau (Upper Austria)

  • one-to-one lessons in Vienna

  • studio vocal coaching

  • VIP vocal coaching (discretion instead of name droping)

  • CVT introductory courses

  • CVT for choirs and vocal groups

  • emergency aid for voice problems

  • preparation for entrance exams / concerts

  • voicetraining for Speakers

  • jazz singing

  • improvisation

  • jurymember for competitions



PRIVATE LESSONS from 2020-01-01

(all prices incl. 20% VAT)


60 min… .80 €

45 min.… 60 €

30 min ..... 40 €



block of 3 lessons

(3 x 60 minutes): 230 € *

(3 x 45 minutes): 150 € *  

* Validity: 6 months





Emergency procedure for voices in need

(Voice professions in the studio, on tour, before important performances, etc.)

Fee by arrangement




Fee by arrangement



  • Landesmusikschulwerk Upper Austria

  • Longfield Gospel platform

  • Voice of Life choir

  • Big Band Workshop Bad Goisern

  • Imatra Big Band Camp (Fin)

  • Artcross art seminar

  • jazz- pop-rock days, tyrolean choir association

  • jury member since 2010 for competitions like podium rock.pop.jazz & prima la musica (federal / state competitions V, OÖ, NÖ, ST, S, T)


Thank you for your request! We'll get back to you soon.

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